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Where The Ghost Camel Grins

Written and illustrated by Linda "ilham" Barto

ISBN 978-1879402-24-6

Trade Cloth Hardbound


119 pages, 46 color illustrations throughout

Inspiration, adventure, humor, and even romance are elements in this collection of new and original Muslim fables inspired by ancient legends and folk tales and written with interfaith sensitivity.

Qur’anic and Biblical references solidify spiritual truths as the lively adventures of endearing characters teach such values as patience, morals, ethics, and courtesy. Readers young and old will find that although the stories are set in times and places different from our own, the messages are relevant in today’s world.

While a Muslim reader will find his or her own beliefs clarified and reinforced, a reader of another faith or of no faith will learn something about Islam in a gentle, entertaining, and non-proselytizing manner. Christian and Jewish readers will experience their faiths not as entities separate from Islam, but as integral parts of the great circle encompassed by the true Islamic ideal of universal peace.

Vibrant watercolors and truly inspirational writing make this book a spiritual treasure for people of all faiths.




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