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Welcome to Project Qur'an.


A global outreach effort in conjunction with Ahlulbayt TV.

This Ramadhan share the treasures of our Holy Book with a friend, a colleague or a neighbor.
For just US $35.00 you will receive 14 Qur'ans and a chance to change someone's life forever.
Please scroll down to view some very grateful recipients of The Qur'an.



ISBN 978-1-879402-29-4

The Qur'an

Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Translator

ISBN 978-1-879402-29-4
Paperback, 538 pg.

A revised English-only translation of the Qur'an, featuring Yusuf Ali's famous translation but with old English words like thou and thee replaced with their modern equivalents. Great for da'wah and free mass distribution.

This edition features the Sultan Ahmed I Mosque in Istanbul on the cover.


1 copy = $9.95
14 copies = $35.00
48 copy = $115.00
88 copy = $200.00









""I'm writing in anticipation of your generous gift to the Department of Pastoral Care at Woodhull Medical Center. This will be the second shipment of copies of the Koran we will have received from you.

Those patients who received copies from your first shipment were each and every one of them grateful, for the scripture lifted their spirits during a time of suffering.

"Our hospital serves people of all faiths; and we are grateful for your role in helping us. May you know only blessings.

Thank you,"

Chaplain Rita Sherman
Department of Pastoral Care
Woodhull Medical Center

"Your organization graciously donated a case of Yusuf Ali small paperback Qurans a couple of years ago and we were hoping that you could assist us this year.

"I am in charge of serving the Islamic needs of 3 large facilities and have to rely on donations to be able to make the Quran accessible to the growing number of Muslim converts in the prison system. If you are able to offer an English translation that also includes Arabic that would be ideal as we are now also serving many Muslim inmates from the immigrant community that desire to be read the Holy Quran in its original Arabic.

"In looking at your website, the Shakir Translation (Arabic/English) would be great to satisfy what we need. But whatever you are able to assist us with will be enthusiastically appreciated!!!


Chaplain D. Muhammad Muslim

"I am the Senior Chaplain for the jails in Contra Costa County, CA. You have helped us in the past by donating Qura'an for us to give to inmates. We are in need of twenty-five English and twelve Arabic-English Qura'ans. Please ship to:

Chaplain's Office
West County Detention Facility, 5555
Giant Hwy, Richmond, CA 94806.

Thank you,"

Harold Albert Senior Chaplain


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