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80-08 51st Avenue
Elmhurst, New York 11373
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Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc started publishing Qur'ans over 28 years ago in New York. The main objective of the publishing house was to increase the availability of translations of the Qur'an during an era when there was a lack of availability of accurate translations. In fact the inaccuracy of many translations and in one case, the absence of entire chapters from copies motivated us to start this organization. Today Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an publishes over 25 editions of the Qur'an in a variety of languages available in local bookstores and libraries and boasts distribution of more than one million copies worldwide. With Islam being the fastest growing religion on the planet, these numbers will soon multiply.

Our perseverance and hard work over the last three decades have put us in the forefront of publishing Islamic literature. Recently we have ventured into the publication of children's books. With stories from the Qur'an of the Prophets, Arabic language aids and fictional children's stories with underlying Islamic values and lessons.

Proceeds from sales of the Qur'an are used to print more copies of the Qur'an.  Copies of the Qur'an are donated to prisons, Islamic institutions and gifted to government officials including Presidents, Legislators and Mayors for the purpose of educating and enlightening people about Islamic ideology and practices. We work to highlight the similarities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and to eliminate common myths and propaganda found in the media today.

In a world where Islam is so misunderstood, it is crucial to promote inter-faith dialogue and to educate people on the true essence of Islam. Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an's efforts also include writing letters to leaders during the time of Islamic Pilgrimage [Hajj] and the Christian celebration of Christmas, providing them with information on how both Prophet Abraham [Ibrahim] and Prophet Jesus [Isa] are crucial to the Islamic belief system.

It is this very belief in Prophethood that is an integral part of Islam. Many are unaware that Muslims believe the Qur'an to be the final revelation, proceeding from the Book of Psalms, the Torah and The Bible. Many of the stories that are found in these texts are also found in the Qur'an. The story of Adam and Eve [Adam and Hawa], Noah's Ark [Nuh], Joseph [Yusuf], Moses [Musa], David [Dawood], Solomon [Suleiman] and many more concluding with the last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad.

Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an exhibits publications at a variety of book fairs and conventions throughout the year in various countries. In many cases we incorporate seminars and presentations as part of our services, including presentations to some famous people like Mohammed Ali and Sen. Chuck Schumer to name a few. Click here to learn more about us!

If you would like to come on board and volunteer with us at Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an in one of our many projects or perhaps make a donation to this noble cause then contact us for further details. Tahrike Tarsile is a non-profit organization registered in the State of New York.

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